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Decolonising the Indian Mind

Date: 26th Feb, 2019
Venue:  Conference hall, IMA, New Press Club, Agartala

organised by
Intellectual Forum of North East

What is the name of our country?
Seems to be a very simple question. But answer is the root cause behind all problems of our country. Only our country on this planet has two names. Why? Is this difference being symbolical or conceptual? Is this casual or    conspiracy? What is in the name? How can this create so many problems? There are more such questions must be there in our minds about this. But it is true.  
Our country can be a best and transcendental and surpassing nation on this earth only as BHARAT not as INDIA but unfortunately, we are planning, thinking and designing on the basis of INDIA concept?   And so, after 70 years of independence we are not able to achieve the position as compared to our strength, talent and Capacity.  What is the difference between Bharat and India? Britishers give us this name so, is this an imperial conspiracy behind naming? What is the Bharatian way of thinking? How and why Britishers damaged and divert our Bharatian ideological and intellectual foundation, concept and discourse? How can we bring it back on our Bharatian concept, narrative and discourses? 
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